Special Effects Makeup Course

Heralding a new era in make-up artistry with Special Effects & 3D Prosthetics.

Black eyes, tears, cuts, burns, tattoos, broken noses, bullet holes, split lips and of course, blood application – special effects is the latest chapter in make-up. With movies like Paa and High Definition visual quality, special effects and prosthetics make up is being recognized seriously by directors. Be it cinema or theater, they contribute enormously to the story though the final look of the character. Special effects make-up technique neither requires any moulding, sculpting nor much time. These deceptively simple ‘out of kit’ effects are used in a small scale and can be created on location by fully trained make-up artists. In this current scenario it is important for professional make-up artists to learn the skills of this make-up stream. The other advanced form is 3D Prosthetics make-up that is constantly in demand amongst producers and directors looking for a totally convincing look of their characters. This involves a lengthy meticulous process where the make-up artist takes a life cast of the actor’s body that requires augmentation in 3D. This is followed by detailed sculpting of the new features, moulding of the sculpture and pouring of the final pieces which complete the final process. Made with foam latex, gelatine or silicone the prosthetic is then attached to the performer’s skin and painted seamlessly. The entire process involves head casting, sculpting, mould-making, hair-punching, painting, and detailing. Whether it’s for entertainment or fashion industry, whether it is for use in non-working doubles in action scenes, or for total impact of a character, 3D Prosthetics & Special effects is the next big thing. Unfortunately, a well trained make-up artist in prosthetics and special effects is almost a rarity in India. From big dreams to big realities – MSTC offers the only 3D Prosthetics & Special effects make-up program that combines every aspect of the discipline in one amazingly intense week. Through an immersive study of all facets of make-up including stage make-up, fashion make-up, film and television make-up and make-up effects, to script breakdown, on-set protocol and digital character design, MSTC prepares you to join any production team.